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"Healing from trauma is all about enhancing quality of life, sense of control and autonomy. Somatic Trauma Therapy is built on the core principle that recovery needs to be founded on the establishment of safety and stabilisation and honouring the uniqueness of the individual". 


Somatic Trauma Therapy (STT) was developed by Babette Rothschild as an integrated trauma treatment model that puts the client and their identified needs at the centre of the therapy. STT :

  • addresses trauma’s impact on thinking, emotions and bodily sensations bringing them into sync through dual awareness, and acknowledging the often debilitating impact of the associated memories.

  • focuses on supporting clients to have greater control over their symptoms and ultimately to reliably enhance their quality of life and sense of autonomy.


The direction and duration of the therapy is guided by the client’s identified needs and built on the principle that recovery from trauma does not require the client to process trauma memories. Somatic Trauma Therapy continues to evolve as new theory and techniques emerge in the field.



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